Remote Transcriptionist, Captioner, Subtitler, Translator Opportunity – Apply Now!

Our first remote job listing is with a company I have personally done work for. is a website where customers can submit projects that they would like to have captioned, transcribed, or translated. Freelancers like you pick these projects up and complete the work for the customer.

To get started with Rev you will need to do a small test they have set up that helps ensure you are able to produce quality work for their customers. The test is fairly easy and really only requires that you take a look at their style guide, so you’ll know how to format any projects you complete for their customers. Other than that, you should have strong English skills and be able to type at least 50 WPM. (In order to be efficient enough that this is profitable work for you, you’ll need to work quickly without stopping too often to do research.)

Once you have completed the test video for Rev, you should expect to hear back within a week to know whether or not you have been accepted and can start claiming jobs. As long as you format any tests you complete following their style guide, then you should definitely hear back! (I have occasionally received messages from Rev that drop to my spam folder, so be sure to check there for a reply as well.)

While I wouldn’t say Rev provides sustainable income, it is definitely a great choice for anyone looking to supplement their income or anyone interested in saving a little money for a special purchase!

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